Design Thinking In Administration: Dr Brett Jacobsen

Dr. Brett Jacobsen serves as the Head of School at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in Atlanta, Georgia.  Mount Vernon is a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact preparing students to be college ready, globally competitive, and engaged citizen leaders.  Over the last several years, Mount Vernon has become widely recognized for its innovative approach to education.  In 2010, MVPS launched the Center for Design Thinking, unique approach to K-12 education. Under the leadership of Mary Cantwell, design thinking challenges in the i.Design Lab have been incorporated in a comprehensive way touching every K-6 student. Since its inception, schools throughout the country have contacted Mount Vernon about the success of this program.  As a result, the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation made a decision in its inaugural symposium to host Design Thinking Summit 2012 where leading design thinkers could articulate the value of design thinking, collaborate and engage with participants, and demonstrate the design thinking process.


Twitter:  @jbrettjacobsen