Design Thinking In Higher Ed: Leonard Medlock

Leonard Medlock is co-founder of Inner City Educational Technologies (ICEdT), where he designs casual learning games geared towards urban youth. He is currently working on RAPGA.ME, a Twitter app that fuses Hip-Hop battle tradition with on-the-go status updates to spur creative writing. He began working on the game as part of his Master’s project, BarupMobi, completed at Stanford’s Learning, Design, and Technology program. Leonard also hones his writing skills as an associate editor for EdSurge newsletter, and does research at the Stanford PBL lab on knowledge worker engagement. In his free time, you can find him coaching at the Stanford, or chasing his youth on the basketball court.


  1. Hi Leonard,
    I am a masters student in Ed Tech in UF and would like to pursue design thinking as it interests me a lot. I am also running a nonProfit organization for displaced children in Colombia and we have started implementing an educational program that dabbles in Design Thinking. Do you think you could provide me with your contact info so that I may ask you some questions. I definitely intend to come to the summit as well.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.